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November 3, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. Just got this book and basically like it.

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I'd say the order should be reversed. Nothing wrong but these are like fingernails on a chalkboard. If you're a pro you'll gloss over these but newbies might be mislead. But this only my first oppinion without any June 3, - Published on Amazon.

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In the 1st edition even CORBA was mentioned, but in this one nothing related to this important topic. Also quality of book paper would be better.

But this only my first oppinion without any estimation of existent content of the book, because I had not enough time to red it. May 8, - Published on Amazon.

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For programmers and professionals everyday book!!! August 21, - Published on Amazon. Note: This is the fourth edition; the reviews here mix the different editions, which makes it harder for you to assess this one. Check the dates of the reviews. Included are heads-up for C programmers to note. Source code for the examples in the book is available online, as mentioned at the end of the intro.

This will probably give you a good idea as to whether this book is for you. Also slightly tedious, but you can navigate to the available source code from this site. The book is currently number in the alphabetical listing of available source code Possibly better to follow the link at the end of the intro.

August 9, - Published on Amazon. This is a very thick book - over 1, pages - not something you will want to read on the subway on your daily commute. But it's good stuff. I like the way it emphasizes use of the Standard Library. I'm new at programming.

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Last edited on Jun 9, at am UTC. You see I'm 13 and I wanted to start easy, simple, and with easy vocabulary, so I used the book Beginning Programing for Dummies to get started. I know it says dummies in the title but I'm not dumb and I'm sure you are not ether, but it is a good book for a reference and to get started.

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After you learn enough from the book to write small programs you can go to YouTube and watch tutorials on how to do some things you're stuck on. If are already ahead of that starter level, you should try collage books.

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I hope this will help. Seemed like the best one to get after reading reviews.