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It is important to place lighting in a manner that makes it difficult to tamper with e. Alarm systems can be installed to alert security personnel when unauthorized access is attempted. Alarm systems work in tandem with physical barriers, mechanical systems, and security guards, serving to trigger a response when these other forms of security have been breached.

They consist of sensors including motion sensors , contact sensors, and glass break detectors. However, alarms are only useful if there is a prompt response when they are triggered. In the reconnaissance phase prior to an actual attack, some intruders will test the response time of security personnel to a deliberately tripped alarm system. By measuring the length of time it takes for a security team to arrive if they arrive at all , the attacker can determine if an attack could succeed before authorities arrive to neutralize the threat.

Loud audible alarms can also act as a psychological deterrent, by notifying intruders that their presence has been detected.

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Surveillance cameras can be a deterrent [15] when placed in highly visible locations, and are also useful for incident verification and historical analysis. For example, if alarms are being generated and there is a camera in place, the camera could be viewed to verify the alarms. In instances when an attack has already occurred and a camera is in place at the point of attack, the recorded video can be reviewed.

Although the term closed-circuit television CCTV is common, it is quickly becoming outdated as more video systems lose the closed circuit for signal transmission and are instead transmitting on IP camera networks.

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Video monitoring does not necessarily guarantee that a human response is made to an intrusion. A human must be monitoring the situation in real time in order to respond in a timely manner. Otherwise, video monitoring is simply a means to gather evidence to be analyzed at a later time.

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However, advances in information technology are reducing the amount of work required for video monitoring, through automated video analytics. Access control methods are used to monitor and control traffic through specific access points and areas of the secure facility. Mechanical access control systems include turnstiles, gates, doors, and locks. Key control of the locks becomes a problem with large user populations and any user turnover.

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Keys quickly become unmanageable, often forcing the adoption of electronic access control. Electronic access control manages large user populations, controlling for user lifecycles times, dates, and individual access points.

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For example, a user's access rights could allow access from h to h Monday through Friday and expires in 90 days. The use of turnstiles also reduces the need for additional security personnel to monitor each individual entering the building allowing faster throughput. Another form of access control procedural includes the use of policies, processes and procedures to manage the ingress into the restricted area. An example of this is the deployment of security personnel conducting checks for authorized entry at predetermined points of entry.

This form of access control is usually supplemented by the earlier forms of access control i.

Security personnel play a central role in all layers of security. All of the technological systems that are employed to enhance physical security are useless without a security force that is trained in their use and maintenance, and which knows how to properly respond to breaches in security.

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Security personnel perform many functions: patrolling facilities, administering electronic access control, responding to alarms, and monitoring and analyzing video footage. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main articles: Natural surveillance and Crime prevention through environmental design. Main article: Surveillance. Main article: CCTV. Main article: Security alarm. Main article: Access control.

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No notes for slide. Book Details Author : Paul R. Baker ,Daniel J. Description To adequately protect an organization, physical security must go beyond the "gates, guns, and guards" mentality that characterizes most security programs. Creating a sound security plan involves understanding not only security requirements but also the dynamics of the marketplace, employee issues, and management goals. The Complete Guide to Physical Security discusses the assets of a facilitypeople, building, and locationand the various means to protect them.

It emphasizes the marriage of technology and physical hardware to help those tasked with protecting these assets to operate successfully in the ever- changing world of security. The book covers specific physical security technologies, such as intrusion detection, access control, and video surveillance systemsincluding networked video. It addresses the reasoning behind installations, how to work with contractors, and how to develop a central station for monitoring.

Case examples demonstrate the alignment of security program management techniques with not only the core physical security elements and technologies but also operational security practices. The authors of this book have nearly 50 years combined experience in the security industryincluding the physical security and security management arenas. Their insights provide the foundation for security professionals to develop a comprehensive approach to achieving physical security requirements while also establishing leadership roles that help further the overall mission of their organization.

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